Portland Trailblazer’s Aminu has arrived at Boink be.live Streaming

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When Al-Farouq Aminu signed a four-year contract as the forward in NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers team, Neil Olshey, the President of Basketball Operations, praised him by saying that his set of skills, athleticism, and energy will definitely have a tremendous impact on their roster. The President felt that he is a force to be reckoned with, for his versatility when it comes to defense is unmatched and his overall ceiling as a player is very high. That time, in 2015, he claimed that Aminu’s best days as a player are still ahead of him. And true to this, Al-Farouq Aminu has only gotten better since, and that’s why he’s rightfully called “The Chief”. For everybody who has rooted for him and to all basketball protégés who follow him, there’s the good news: The Chief will be using Boink Live Streaming Limited’s popular live mobile streaming application Bonk.be live to give everybody a chance to interact with him and see his softer, non-sports side.

If you don’t know this great player, you can see him in action in one of his older games here: https://streamable.com/ca4z

Al-Farouq Aminu is an aggressive rebounder and an extremely athletic player with amazing defensive versatility on account of his speed and length. He can defend up to 4 positions and has thus shown himself as an efficient rim protector. He might be only 27 years of age, but he is a building block for the Portland Trail Blazers.

As he is a Nigerian-American, he is also qualified to play at an international level in the Nigeria National Basketball team. In the National Basketball Association Africa Game, The Chief, on account that his parents are from Nigeria, plays in Team Africa. The NBA Africa Game which started in 2015 is a contest between Team Africa, featuring NBA alumni as well as current players born in or having family in Africa, against Team World, which is composed of NBA players from all other parts of the world. Officials have reported that The NBA Africa Game 2017 will be played in support of SOS Children’s Villages South Africa (SOSCVSA), UNICEF and to honor the 100th birth anniversary of the South African president and anti-apartheid fighter Nelson Mandela who passed away in 2013.

The name Al-Farouq Aminu literally translates to “the chief has arrived” and that is the reason for him being nicknamed “The Chief”. He’s also reportedly a prince, being a descendant of a line of Nigerian kings. He started his NBA career in 2010 when he was selected with for the NBA draft with the 8th overall pick by Los Angeles Clippers. He has also played with New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans and Dallas Mavericks. He attacks open space and has shown increasing ability at putting the ball on the floor. During his time at Dallas Mavericks, he would only play limited minutes but has since proved to be extremely coachable and is a key player now for Portland Clippers. As proof of that, here’s a 3-pointer from Aminu: http://www.nba.com/blazers/aminusinksthree

Bonk.be Live is constantly seeing broadcasts from top entertainers and athletes, and this time it’s going to be Al-Farouq Aminu. The company’s CEO Michael Gilburd said in a statement that the credit for bringing in the top people in the business goes to their VP of Corporate Development, Sean Green. Green and Gilburd were long-time colleagues at American Express, and they believe that together they can take Bonk.be Live to new heights and get more bloggers, celebrities, brands, and athletes to use their newest version to send messages to their fans.

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